How can I highlight text in Scintilla?


I am writing an editor using Scintilla.

I am already using a lexer to do automatic syntax highlighting but now I would like to mark search results. If I want to mark only one hit I can set the selection there, however, I would like to mark (e.g. with yellow background) all the hits.

I writing this in Perl but if you have suggestions in other languages that would be cool as well.

1/11/2015 9:56:57 PM

Have you read the Markers reference in Scintilla doc? This reference can be a bit obscure, so I advise to take a look at the source code of SciTE as well. This text editor was originally a testbed for Scintilla. It grown to a full fledged editor, but it is still a good implementation reference for all things Scintilla.

In our particular case, there is a Mark All button in the Find dialog. You can find its implementation in SciTEBase::MarkAll() method. This method only loops on search results (until it loops on the first search result, if any) and puts a bookmark on the found lines (and optionally set an indicator on the found items). The found line is gotten using SCI_LINEFROMPOSITION(posFound), the bookmark is just a call to SCI_MARKERADD(lineno, markerBookmark). Note that the mark can be symbol in a margin, or if not associated to a margin, it will highlight the whole line.


9/18/2008 1:59:19 PM

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