What is the best C# to VB.net converter?


While searching the interweb for a solution for my VB.net problems I often find helpful articles on a specific topic, but the code is C#. That is no big problem but it cost some time to convert it to VB manually. There are some sites that offer code converters from C# to VB and vice versa, but to fix all the flaws after the code-conversion is nearly as time-consuming as doing it by myself in the first place.

Till now I am using http://labs.developerfusion.co.uk/convert/csharp-to-vb.aspx

Do you know something better?

9/17/2008 10:30:34 PM

Accepted Answer

If you cannot find a good converter, you could always compile the c# code and use the dissasembler in Reflector to see Visual Basic code. Some of the variable names will change.

9/17/2008 10:35:33 PM

Telerik has a good converter that is based on SharpDevelop that has worked pretty well over the years, though it has not been updated in years (due to it being based on SharpDevelop).

I've recently come across a roslyn based converter as well. I don't know how well it works or how well maintained it is, but as it's open source you can always fork it and update it as needed.

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