C# How to set the autopostback property when using asp.net mvc?


I am using asp.net MVC framework. On my page i have a dropdwonbox and when an option is clicked i want to go to another page. But i can't find how/where to set the autopostback property to true. This is the code i'm using:


<%= Html.DropDownList("qchap", new SelectList( (IEnumerable)ViewData["qchap"], "Id", "Title" )) %>


public ActionResult Index(int id)
    Chapter c =  new Chapter();
    ViewData["qchap"] = c.GetAllChaptersByManual(id);

    return View();

What do i have to do to use the autopostback functionality?

3/15/2013 5:11:40 AM

Accepted Answer

You can use the onchange client event:

<%= Html.DropDownList("qchap", 
       new SelectList( (IEnumerable)ViewData["qchap"], "Id", "Title" ),
       new { onchange = "this.form.submit();" }) %>
4/8/2009 4:40:17 PM

I solve using this code.

Function Index(ByVal collectionField As FormCollection) As ActionResult

        Dim industryCategoryID As Long = collectionField.Item("ddlIndustry")
        If industryCategoryID = 0 Then
            Me.ViewData("IndustryList") = GlobalController.GetIndustryList
            Return View(_service.ListCompanies())
            Me.ViewData("IndustryList") = GlobalController.GetIndustryList
            Return View(_service.ListCompanies(industryCategoryID))
        End If

End Function

That's for the ActionResult function

And Then for the View

     <% Using Html.BeginForm()%>
        <%=Html.DropDownList("ddlIndustry", New SelectList(CType(ViewData("IndustryList"), IEnumerable), "ID", "Name"), "--Choose industry--", New With {.onchange = "this.form.submit()"})%>
     <% End Using %>  


I hope it helps. I f you would like more complete codes please feel good to email me at boylevantz@gmail.com

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