Instantly detect client disconnection from server socket


How can I detect that a client has disconnected from my server?

I have the following code in my AcceptCallBack method

static Socket handler = null;
public static void AcceptCallback(IAsyncResult ar)
  //Accept incoming connection
  Socket listener = (Socket)ar.AsyncState;
  handler = listener.EndAccept(ar);

I need to find a way to discover as soon as possible that the client has disconnected from the handler Socket.

I've tried:

  1. handler.Available;
  2. handler.Send(new byte[1], 0, SocketFlags.None);
  3. handler.Receive(new byte[1], 0, SocketFlags.None);

The above approaches work when you are connecting to a server and want to detect when the server disconnects but they do not work when you are the server and want to detect client disconnection.

Any help will be appreciated.

5/8/2012 1:28:53 PM

Accepted Answer

Since there are no events available to signal when the socket is disconnected, you will have to poll it at a frequency that is acceptable to you.

Using this extension method, you can have a reliable method to detect if a socket is disconnected.

static class SocketExtensions
  public static bool IsConnected(this Socket socket)
      return !(socket.Poll(1, SelectMode.SelectRead) && socket.Available == 0);
    catch (SocketException) { return false; }
4/6/2009 4:46:22 PM

Someone mentioned keepAlive capability of TCP Socket. Here it is nicely described:

I'm using it this way: after the socket is connected, I'm calling this function, which sets keepAlive on. The keepAliveTime parameter specifies the timeout, in milliseconds, with no activity until the first keep-alive packet is sent. The keepAliveInterval parameter specifies the interval, in milliseconds, between when successive keep-alive packets are sent if no acknowledgement is received.

    void SetKeepAlive(bool on, uint keepAliveTime , uint keepAliveInterval )
        int size = Marshal.SizeOf(new uint());

        var inOptionValues = new byte[size * 3];

        BitConverter.GetBytes((uint)(on ? 1 : 0)).CopyTo(inOptionValues, 0);
        BitConverter.GetBytes((uint)time).CopyTo(inOptionValues, size);
        BitConverter.GetBytes((uint)interval).CopyTo(inOptionValues, size * 2);

        socket.IOControl(IOControlCode.KeepAliveValues, inOptionValues, null);

I'm also using synchronous reading:

socket.BeginReceive(packet.dataBuffer, 0, 128,
                    SocketFlags.None, new AsyncCallback(OnDataReceived), packet);

And in callback, here is caught timeout SocketException, which raises when socket doesn't get ACK signal after keep-alive packet.

public void OnDataReceived(IAsyncResult asyn)
        SocketPacket theSockId = (SocketPacket)asyn.AsyncState;

        int iRx = socket.EndReceive(asyn);
    catch (SocketException ex)

This way, I'm able to safely detect disconnection between TCP client and server.

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