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Anyone know an easy way to get the date of the first day in the week (monday here in Europe). I know the year and the week number? I'm going to do this in C#.

11/27/2017 10:18:35 PM

Accepted Answer

I had issues with the solution by @HenkHolterman even with the fix by @RobinAndersson.

Reading up on the ISO 8601 standard resolves the issue nicely. Use the first Thursday as the target and not Monday. The code below will work for Week 53 of 2009 as well.

public static DateTime FirstDateOfWeekISO8601(int year, int weekOfYear)
    DateTime jan1 = new DateTime(year, 1, 1);
    int daysOffset = DayOfWeek.Thursday - jan1.DayOfWeek;

    // Use first Thursday in January to get first week of the year as
    // it will never be in Week 52/53
    DateTime firstThursday = jan1.AddDays(daysOffset);
    var cal = CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.Calendar;
    int firstWeek = cal.GetWeekOfYear(firstThursday, CalendarWeekRule.FirstFourDayWeek, DayOfWeek.Monday);

    var weekNum = weekOfYear;
    // As we're adding days to a date in Week 1,
    // we need to subtract 1 in order to get the right date for week #1
    if (firstWeek == 1)
        weekNum -= 1;

    // Using the first Thursday as starting week ensures that we are starting in the right year
    // then we add number of weeks multiplied with days
    var result = firstThursday.AddDays(weekNum * 7);

    // Subtract 3 days from Thursday to get Monday, which is the first weekday in ISO8601
    return result.AddDays(-3);
5/14/2018 12:36:32 PM

I like the solution provided by Henk Holterman. But to be a little more culture independent, you have to get the first day of the week for the current culture ( it's not always monday ):

using System.Globalization;

static DateTime FirstDateOfWeek(int year, int weekOfYear)
  DateTime jan1 = new DateTime(year, 1, 1);

  int daysOffset = (int)CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.DateTimeFormat.FirstDayOfWeek - (int)jan1.DayOfWeek;

  DateTime firstMonday = jan1.AddDays(daysOffset);

  int firstWeek = CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.Calendar.GetWeekOfYear(jan1, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.DateTimeFormat.CalendarWeekRule, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.DateTimeFormat.FirstDayOfWeek);

  if (firstWeek <= 1)
    weekOfYear -= 1;

  return firstMonday.AddDays(weekOfYear * 7);

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