How to print the current Stack Trace in .NET without any exception?


I have a regular C# code. I have no exceptions. I want to programmatically log the current stack trace for debugging purpose. Example:

public void executeMethod() 
5/7/2013 6:21:31 AM

Accepted Answer

Have a look at the System.Diagnostics namespace. Lots of goodies in there!

System.Diagnostics.StackTrace t = new System.Diagnostics.StackTrace();

This is really good to have a poke around in to learn whats going on under the hood.

I'd recommend that you have a look into logging solutions (Such as NLog, log4net or the Microsoft patterns and practices Enterprise Library) which may achieve your purposes and then some. Good luck mate!

2/2/2015 4:25:31 AM

An alternative to System.Diagnostics.StackTrace is to use System.Environment.StackTrace which returns a string-representation of the stacktrace.

Another useful option is to use the $CALLER and $CALLSTACK debugging variables in Visual Studio since this can be enabled run-time without rebuilding the application.

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