How to have comments in IntelliSense for function in Visual Studio?


In Visual Studio and C#, when using a built in function such as ToString(), IntelliSense shows a yellow box explaining what it does.

alt text alt text

How can I have that for functions and properties I write?

2/28/2019 8:03:09 PM

Accepted Answer

To generate an area where you can specify a description for the function and each parameter for the function, type the following on the line before your function and hit Enter:

  • C#: ///

  • VB: '''

See Recommended Tags for Documentation Comments (C# Programming Guide) for more info on the structured content you can include in these comments.

2/17/2017 2:59:41 PM

What you need is xml comments - basically, they follow this syntax (as vaguely described by Solmead):


///This is a description of my function.
string myFunction() {
     return "blah";


'''This is a description of my function.
Function myFunction() As String
    Return "blah"
End Function

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