Remove element of a regular array


I have an array of Foo objects. How do I remove the second element of the array?

I need something similar to RemoveAt() but for a regular array.

8/5/2012 3:31:36 PM

Accepted Answer

If you don't want to use List:

var foos = new List<Foo>(array);
return foos.ToArray();

You could try this extension method that I haven't actually tested:

public static T[] RemoveAt<T>(this T[] source, int index)
    T[] dest = new T[source.Length - 1];
    if( index > 0 )
        Array.Copy(source, 0, dest, 0, index);

    if( index < source.Length - 1 )
        Array.Copy(source, index + 1, dest, index, source.Length - index - 1);

    return dest;

And use it like:

Foo[] bar = GetFoos();
bar = bar.RemoveAt(2);
9/27/2011 5:54:26 AM

The nature of arrays is that their length is immutable. You can't add or delete any of the array items.

You will have to create a new array that is one element shorter and copy the old items to the new array, excluding the element you want to delete.

So it is probably better to use a List instead of an array.

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