Interoperating between Matlab and C#


After peeking around the internet it looks like it is possible to interop between C# and Matlab. I am wondering if anyone has had success with it and what they did to do so. If possible somehow pulling it off without the use of COM. Thanks for your time.

9/25/2011 10:21:57 PM

Accepted Answer

Yes, quite possible. Though I ended up using the C interface and calling into that using a mixed-mode DLL (and getting C# to call into that... but that was because I was also interfacing with some other C code). It's quite straightforward. On computers where you want to run your program, you'll need to install Matlab Runtime MCRInstaller.exe.

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9/9/2010 2:42:05 AM

Beginning with the R2009a release of MATLAB, .NET objects can be accessed from MATLAB:

In older versions of MATLAB, it is possible to access .NET objects from MATLAB using CCW:

and the MATLAB engine from .NET:

You can also use the MATLAB Builder NE to wrap m-code into .NET assemblies.

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