The Most frequent Number in an array


I have this Array i wrote a function MostFreq that takes an array of integers and return 2 values : the more frequent number in the array and its frequency check this code i worte what do you think ? is there a better way to do it?

static void Main()
    int [] M={4,5,6,4,4,3,5,3};
    int x;
    int f=MyMath.MostFreq(M,out x );
    console.WriteLine("the most Frequent Item = {0} with frequency = {1}",x,f);


in the class Mymath

public static int MostFreq(int[] _M, out int x)
    //First I need to sort the array in ascending order
    int Max_Freq, No_Freq, i, k;
    k = _M[0];
    Max_Freq = 0; i = 0; x = 0;
    while (i < _M.Length)
        //No_Freq= the frequency of the current number
        No_Freq = 0;
        //X here is the number which is appear in the array Frequently 
        while (k == _M[i])
            if (i == _M.Length) 
        if (No_Freq > Max_Freq)
            //so it will be printed the same
            Max_Freq = No_Freq;
            x = k;
        if (i < _M.Length) k = _M[i];
    return (Max_Freq);
4/3/2015 12:03:07 AM

Accepted Answer

LINQ it up. I know this is in VB but you should be able to convert it to C#:

Dim i = From Numbers In ints _
            Group Numbers By Numbers Into Group _
            Aggregate feq In Group Into Count() _
            Select New With {.Number = Numbers, .Count = Count}

EDIT: Now in C# too:

var i = from numbers in M
                group numbers by numbers into grouped
                select new { Number = grouped.Key, Freq = grouped.Count()};
11/10/2008 10:47:34 PM

Assuming you can't use LINQ, I'd probably approach the algorithm like this:

  • Create Key/Value dictionary
  • Iterate your array, add a key the dictionary for each unique elem, increment the value each time that element is repeated.
  • Walk the dictionary keys, and return the elem with the highest value.

This isn't a great solution but it is simple, ContainsKey is an O(1) lookup, so you'll be at most iterating your array twice.

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