Convert char to int in C#


I have a char in c#:

char foo = '2';

Now I want to get the 2 into an int. I find that Convert.ToInt32 returns the actual decimal value of the char and not the number 2. The following will work:

int bar = Convert.ToInt32(new string(foo, 1));

int.parse only works on strings as well.

Is there no native function in C# to go from a char to int without making it a string? I know this is trivial but it just seems odd that there's nothing native to directly make the conversion.

7/21/2018 5:11:30 PM

Accepted Answer

Interesting answers but the docs say differently:

Use the GetNumericValue methods to convert a Char object that represents a number to a numeric value type. Use Parse and TryParse to convert a character in a string into a Char object. Use ToString to convert a Char object to a String object.

3/5/2018 2:16:21 PM

This will convert it to an int:

char foo = '2';
int bar = foo - '0';

This works because each character is internally represented by a number. The characters '0' to '9' are represented by consecutive numbers, so finding the difference between the characters '0' and '2' results in the number 2.

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